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Flaming Fire Art Studio

Call and set your own class time with two or more particants., 715 647-2159,

N3002 county road CC, Maiden Rock 54750

 Christmas Ornament/Gift Class

In this 2 Day Workshop you will learn the basics of imprinting into clay pieces that you have rolled and cut out as Christmas ornaments and or gifts.

Cost $95.00 includes all supplies

 Platter Class

In this workshop you will learn how to roll, imprint, cut and form clay into a your a large leaf shaped platter or any shape you chose to use.

Cost $82.00 includes all supplies

Christmas Dishes

Come to this workshop with a Christmas spirit and make your own special Christmas dishes to share this year. In this workshop you will learn to roll out, imprint your clay, form into platters and serving dishes. Come back and glaze your pieces. We will fire them and then you can pick up.

Cost $90  includes all supplies.

Intro to Tile Making

A thorough introduction to making tile.

Slab roller operation, tools and procedures, printing into clay creating “pictures if desired or forming it into leaves, platters or name plate.

Glazing will be done in the second class time and firing thereafter. We will also incorporate the use of stained glass if desired.

Cost $82.00 includes all supplies

Turtle Mosaic Workshop

You will mosaic a cement turtle, with a shell which measures 13×16 you will use pieces of handmade tile to tile your turtle. You will learn to cut and break tile, mortar it on, clean up the tile, grout,  paint and stain cement. You will have a large variety of handmade tile from the studio to use.

Cost $145.00 all supplies including the turtle

Garden Mushroom Workshop

In this workshop you will be using the slab roller, extruder, and other tools to create your own set of garden mushrooms. We will then glaze them and fire the pieces.

Cost $72.00 includes all supplies

Tile a Turtle

Art Tour Special


Using handmade tile from the studio you will mosaic this baby turtle

A quick introduction into breaking tile, mortaring it on and cleaning up the turtle to be ready to grout and stain.

The studio will grout, stain and have it ready for you to pick up the next day.

Limited quantities of babies available

Art Tour Special      $37.00